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These are becoming "Works In Progress" (WIP). As long as I have the paintings they may change. If you find one you like consider buying it before it gets painted over. I'm still haunted by two works that I missed buying, one by Ruth Franklin and one by Jeff Walker. The painting "One That Got Away" on the Large Abstracts page is a visual note to remind me and maybe jog the memory of Julie or Jeff Walker which one I hope to find someday. Once these get painted over the old image is gone forever. I'm enjoying painting more than naming. Usually a title presents it's self, quite often I paint some more which eliminates the title. From now on I'm just going to number most paintings. That will free up the viewer to find what they want for a title. Everyone sees different elements that necessitate a different title. .

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I truly appreciate all of my collectors! If you own one of these listed as "Private collection" you probably bought the painting at a gallery and I don't have your name. Please contact me if you want to be named and I can update my provenance records.

Click here to see some of the Representational works that have already found homes.

Click here to see some of the abstract works that have already found homes.

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