S. Carlyle Smith


Iím fascinated with the 1930-1950's. The period was rich in design. I use old black and white vintage snapshots of candid common events. None of my images are of re-enacted events; all actually happened. They are common settings, just uncommon that the photos survived. We still live much the way they did back then. Most of the situations in these scenes are universal, timeless and cross-cultural. As much as the world has changed. Relationships and love are timeless. This period is when America was more respected internationally. These images evoke a nostalgic feeling, although my paintings have a contemporary relevance and color palette. I chose images that reflect something I am experiencing. Coincidently a few photos taken of women before I was born resemble present day muses of mine. Muses bring about an emotion that energize my paintings. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Nonetheless a passion that imparts a magic that surpasses the conscious.

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I truly appreciate all of my collectors! If you own one of these listed as "Private collection" you probably bought the painting at a gallery and I don't have your name. Please contact me if you want to be named and I can update my provenance records.

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